Although this is not equine related, I have included a page on Puppy Mills because it is an industry that abuses and promotes cruelty to animals, as does the horse slaughter industry. The Puppy Mill industry, like horse slaughter, is driven by unscrupulous breeders and greed with no regard for the welfare of the animals.

When considering purchasing a puppy, visit your local shelter. Beware of puppies for sale at pet stores or sold on the internet. If the store will not give you the breeder information or let you contact the breeder, chances are the puppies are from puppy mills. Ask for the paperwork.

Many pet stores, such as Petsmart, sell from rescues and do not buy from puppy mills. Be sure to thoroughly check-out where the puppy came from. As an example, states like Ohio, Missouri and Pennsylvania are notorious for puppy mills- many are Amish owned.

This is the story of Baby. A precious dog that was rescued from a Puppy Mill. I attended a book signing and had the opportunity to speak to Baby’s owner, Jana Kohl. What a remarkable woman! Since rescuing Baby, she is on a dedicated mission to shut down Puppy Mills.

If you don’t already have the book, I urge you to buy it. You will see the familiar ups and downs she has experienced that all of us have experienced with our efforts on the legislation to end horse slaughter. The link below will take you Baby’s website. You can contact your legislators, read about Baby, learn about puppy mills, read excerpts from the book and buy Baby products to help fund her mission.

Videos of Jana & Baby

This is from 2008

This is an Oprah program on Puppy Mills, including a graphic investigation.