The Works of John Holland

2013 Year-end Message to EWA Members and Supporters 
A Statistical Analysis of Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis 
Horse Meat: A Dangerous `Delicacy'  [from the print edition of Natural Horse] 
Horse Slaughter to Decline in Coming Years [with Vicki Tobin – from the print
edition of
Natural Horse] 
Good Clean Fun According to Sue Wallis [with Vicki Tobin] 
John Holland – Charles Stenholm Debate  [published in the North Platte Telegram] 
Senator Baucus dons his horse slaughter suicide vest 
Horse Summit comes under Friendly Fire 
The Perfect Time to End the Slaughter of American Horses 
Selling the ‘Unwanted’ Horse
The BLM Slaughter Conspiracy [with Valerie James Patton]
Response to Arabian horse executive's explanation on slaughter position 
Showdown at Horse Slaughter Pass 
Prices soaring for unwanted horses 
John Holland's letter published in Parelli eNews 
Quarter Horses Born for Slaughter 
Strange horse slaughter journalism at USA Today 
The Great Horse Slaughter Proxy War   [previously unpublished]
Emerging Data: A Growing Dilemma   [previously unpublished]
John Holland Response to the AVMAs FAQs  
The Horse Slaughter Gang that Can't Shoot Straight 
Run for Your Lives 
Packs of Horses Attack Defenseless Trees in Kentucky 
Wildly inaccurate horse slaughter story causes furor around the world 
US anti horse slaughter lobby to target key groups 
What can horses teach us about our government? 

How the GAO deceived Congress about horse slaughter [link to above embedded video]
John Holland interviews Henry Skjerven, Natural Valley Meats (Canada) on Howling Ridge Radio | July 29, 2009 
Audio: John Holland vs. Trent Loos

Copy and paste this link into your browser to hear the below program: 

July 5, 2009: Animals Today Radio with Dr. Lori Kirshner (CA)  Guests: John Holland - Horse Slaughter; Stacey O'Brien - Author of 'Wesley The Owl' 

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