John Holland is an author, free lance writer and an industrial consultant in the field of intelligent automation and knowledge engineering.


He is the author of three books with his most recent work being "Designing Autonomous Mobile Robots; Inside the Mind of an Intelligent Machine". He also holds numerous patents in robotics, fiber optics and radio telemetry.


John is an advocate for horse welfare and humane treatment. He frequently writes on the subject of horse slaughter from his small farm in the mountains of Virginia, where he lives with his wife, Sheilah, and their 12 equines.



Holland is co-founder and president of the Equine Welfare Alliance and serves as senior analyst for Americans Against Horse Slaughter.


In 2005, he received the annual "Heart and Soul" award from United Animal Nations for his volunteer work against horse slaughter.


Contact John at: john@vickitobin.com or john@equinewelfarealliance.org

At Howling Ridge [John & Sheilah’s farm], kids learn to take care of horses before they learn to ride them.

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