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   You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it
         ~ Albert Einstein      

Slaughter is for food production. It is a tightly regulated industry and not the place to send "unwanted" pigs, sheep, cows or horses. 

(Thanks to Diana Bodensteiner, Pure Genetics Angus)



           Congressman Moran introducing the Moran-Young Amendment 
       in the 113th Congressional Session


Ireland White Paper on Phenylbutazone [based on EU requirements]
Report on Mexican EU slaughter plants from the European FVO reveals serious violations

                                     Vivian Grant Summary

                                     Animals' Angels Summary

                                 Full FVO Report

Contaminated Horse Meat a Health Risk, According to Study 
Discussion Paper on European Union Regulations | March 2010 
EU Commission Communication on Import Regulations 
Horses and Double Decker Trailers 
PDF source documents on horse slaughter [compiled by Suzanne Moore] 
John Holland-Charles Stenholm Debate on Horse Slaughter and Nebraska Legislation

              graph copyright John Holland

Animal Law Coalition | Laura Allen

Here is a sampling of Laura’s work. Please visit Laura’s site for up-to date information on legislation and her analysis. 
GAO Asked to Investigate Cruelty to Horses
Horse Slaughterers' Strategy Revealed
Open Letter from Paula Bacon to State Legislatures Considering Pro-Horse Slaughter Resolutions
FOIA Request Uncovers Unprecedented Evidence Horse Slaughter is Inhumane

 Reports, Documents &  White Papers

EU Communication on Import Regulations
Horse Slaughter Trends from 2006 through 2009
EWA GAO Submission | Horse Welfare 
VEW White Paper |  Horse Slaughter – Its Ethical Impact and Subsequent Response of the Veterinary Profession 
Slaughter Not Driven by Unwanted Horses - Study 
Craig DiBenedictis: The Case Against Equine Slaughter from EQUUS September, 2009 
A Study of Equine Slaughter/ Abuse Patterns Following Closure of Horse Slaughter Plants in US 
Case Study of Suspected Illegal Exports of Geldings to Mexico 
The Relationship Between Horse Slaughter and Reported Cases of Abuse and Neglect 
Deleting the Fiction:

    •False Claims of Abandoned Horses

    •Part 2

    •Short Paper 
Why Horse Slaughter is Illegal: The 1958 Humane Slaughter Act 
2004 Dallas Crown $5.00 Tax Return 

Equine Justice | Turning a Blind Eye


 Alison Smith, North Dakota Letter to the Editor


Duane Burright
    •Why the Organizations Opposing the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act
      are Wrong

    •Quarter Horse Policies Part of the Problem, Not the Solution 

     •The horse slaughter debate: separating facts from rhetoric

Valerie James-Patton 
     •Legislation For Horse Slaughter In the U.S. Will Not End Export Or
      Abandonment Issues
VEW |  Captive Bolt Gun
Horseback Magazine | Steven Long 

     A Different Kind of Murder 

     •Government Says Horses are Companion Animals in FDA Vet Document 

     •Letter to the Editor
Burns Says No Compromise Possible With HSUS...
     •Exodus from the Nebraska Killing Fields
A Note From the Nebraska Killing Fields by Jerry Finch

Food Safety Concerns Shut Down Natural Meat Company in Canada

Excerpt from Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz 1997

Mary Nash Speech: Rally to Save the Horses and Stop HB 1324 - Austin TX 05.09.03


Cathleen Doyle responds to Charlie
Farming Leader Makes Stand Against Horse Slaughter 
There is some great resource material on the International Fund for Horses site - enter keyword AAEP
Fairmount Park (IL) & ILHBPA Adopt a Zero Tolerance on Horse Slaughter
Gelding saved from slaughter becomes USEF Horse of the Year
The Kill Box at Dallas Crown

Quote from a Kill Buyer: I mop up. I clean up the mess left by morons who just have to breed their mare. A few years later no one wants the baby anymore, so I come in to mop up. How come you never write about those morons who just have to breed their mare? Every spring I send dozens of mares and new foals to the meat plant. And every spring there are idiots breeding more babies. All of your do right for horses cause they built America is crap. The only way to do right for horses is to stop breeding them."